Back patios are the new ‘hot’ living space and are well worth the investment. Try these 7 awesome ways to enliven your back patio and create an amazing outdoor living area for your family: 

  1. Add a deck! Building a deck onto your patio can more than triple your space to make a fabulous and functional outdoor living room. Decks are also great to level out a sloping yard.
  2. Love to cook outdoors? Have a custom outdoor kitchen built onto your patio. Outdoor kitchens pep up a space like nothing else can. Cooking and entertaining guests and family, while enjoying the outdoors, is combining two fun worlds together!
  3. There is nothing like the soothing sound of running water. Add a water feature to your back patio and up your relaxation factor. 
  4. Need a little privacy? Have your very own pergola built to fancy up your patio. Pergolas not only add private space, but also help create a functional living area. Throw in an outdoor ceiling fan and some twinkle lights and you will never want to go inside.
  5. How about a swimming pool? Nothing beats the heat like a pool, and nothing beats the blues like a cozy hot tub. What better way to amp up the fun than with your customized swimming pool? 
  6. Who doesn’t love a porch swing? This isn’t your grandma’s swing – modern swings are padded with thick cushions and even drink holders. So, relax and swing away!
  7. Pave a path to your patio with brick or tile pavers. Pavers add charm and definition to an outdoor space and create a dry walkway during rainy season.

Your back patio doesn’t have to be just empty space; it can be converted into an amazing living area. So just switch on your imagination and start creating!