Windows and doors are infamous for being drafty, energy bill killers. Inconsistent seasonal temperatures only add to their inefficiency. 

Fortunately, there is an easy fix. 

New energy efficient windows and doors can turn your monthly utility bills into a blessing instead of a curse. In fact, replacing older windows with ENERGY STAR® certified products can save, on average, over $500 annually.

Energy efficient windows contain an insulating unit of two or three glass panes as well as Low-E overlays, Argon gas fill and other protective features that prevent the transfer of heat and cold. The following three features make energy efficient windows well worth your while. 

Double or Triple Paned

Double or tripled paned windows provide an extra layer of protection against air leakage and heat transfer. They are designed to help your home maintain a consistent temperature so the heating and air-conditioning systems don’t have to work so hard.

Low-E (Emissivity) Glaze

The protective glaze on Low-E windows protects your home by keeping heat from escaping in the winter, or invading in the summer. It also allows visible light to enter your home while protecting against harmful ultraviolet light.

 Argon Gas Fill

Compared to normal air, Argon gas is extremely efficient at reflecting heat. Windows with this feature have Argon Gas compressed between the panes of glass. This helps to ensure a stable, comfortable climate in your home as well as noise reduction.

While the initial investment for energy efficient windows is slightly higher than normal windows, your return on investment will multiply over time. Utility bills will be much lower, and the comfort of your home will be dramatically increased.