Have you noticed rain water pooling around your home’s foundation? Or does your lawn have soggy patches? If so, your home probably need a French drain. A French drain is a drainage system that re-directs water away from your home, into proper drainage areas. It involves gravel filled trenches and specially constructed piping.

Because of extreme weather, our homes are at risk for water issues. Long periods of heat followed by excessive rains can cause water to not only pool in low lying places, but flow into the very foundation of your home.

There are five main reasons why funneling water away from your home is important:

  • Protecting your home’s foundation from sitting water keeps its structural integrity intact, and helps prevent future cracking.
  • Proper drainage helps protect wood structures from rotting which can lead to insect infestation
  • Prevents soil erosion which can affect your home’s foundation or retaining wall integrity
  • Protects against driveway buckling, due to soil movement
  • Prevents a soggy lawn

While the concept of French drains is simple, proper design and installation is extremely important. Your drainage system must be designed so that no water, inadvertently collects around your home, or in small valleys hidden within your lawn. 

French drains are best when used with a complete landscape design. This ensures that your trees and flower beds maintain their optimum beauty while also protecting your home.