Many homeowners put off cleaning their gutters until they see a problem, but this can cause unexpected damage to your home. Your gutters are designed to move water alongside the roof and away from your home. Proper guttering protects your foundation by funneling water away from your home, into proper drainage areas. If not channeled properly, dripping water can weaken the footings of your foundation and cause cracks to appear.

Your foundation isn’t the only thing that will suffer.

If gutters are clogged from leaves or other debris, water will not drain properly and can work itself into your ceiling and walls. This can lead to:

  • rotted wood 
  • mold growth 
  • insect infestation
  • long-term leaks. 

Ice-damming is another issue that results from clogged gutters. Blocked water can freeze in the gutter and put pressure onto the roof structure, causing leaks and shingle deterioration.  Debris buildup weighs down your gutters and can cause them to sag and drain improperly. Falling gutters must be repaired or replaced – which is an extra expense out of your pocket.

Cleaning gutters is not a difficult task, unless you wait too late and have excessive debris buildup.

So, you might as well plan on spending some of your weekend outdoors. All it takes is a bucket, heavy duty gloves and a sturdy ladder. You can even use a garden trowel to help scrape the smaller leaves and twigs. Take your time and make sure not to let the debris fall into the down spout. Super easy!

Fortunately, if you keep your gutters cleaned twice a year, your ‘to do’ list will stay short and simple. Put ‘gutter cleaning’ on your schedule, pick a nice day and get to cleaning. After all, your home is your single biggest investment and if protecting that investment requires a little elbow grease, then it is well worth it.