One of the most important aspect of any home is the roof, but roof protection and maintenance can often be overlooked. It is extremely important to be vigilant in keeping your roof in good condition, since damage is not only problematic, but can create serious problems elsewhere to your home. This article will give you a few valuable ways you can protect your roof and keep it in great condition for years to come!

Check for damages – The key to keeping your roof in good condition is to check your roof often to spot any areas of damage before they can worsen, as small problems with your roof can quickly grow into costly repairs. Use binoculars to inspect for issues from ground level, or a ladder can be used for a closer look, just be careful any time you decide to go onto your roof! Checks should be done every few months and can be done by a professional for usually less than $200.

If you decide to do your own roof inspection, keep in mind the problems you should be looking out for. Shingles that are missing or show signs of curling, lifting or buckling need to be replaced or repaired straight away, and can be an indicator that there are other areas of your roof that have issues as well. The nails that keep the roof deck or shingles in place are also important to checkl. Make sure the nails are all in place, and that there is no evidence of rust.

Inspect from indoors – Some issues with your roof may be undetectable unless you are inside. If you notice any water stains or leaks in your home, you should call a professional immediately. Water damage can cause an array of serious issues and can be extremely costly if not taken care of immediately.

If your attic is accessible, ensure that it is properly ventilated and insulated, as having these components in proper working order are imperative to keeping a healthy roof. Take note if any light is getting through the roof into the attic, since gaps can also allow water and pesky critters to infiltrate as well.

Clean your roof – Keeping your roof clean of debris from trees, plants and other outdoor objects is key in keeping your roof in good order. Drainage problems and damage to shingles can occur due to these debris, so use a roof broom or power washer to clear any items away. Leaves and other fragments can block your gutters and downspouts, which causes improper drainage on your roof. If this happens, it can cause leaking areas in your roof, erode the soil surrounding your home or even damage the foundation.

Protect your roof – Trees, although beautiful, can be extremely problematic for roofs. Branches should always be kept trimmed away from your roofline to prevent any damage. If broken, large branches can cause destruction and even small branches can block your gutters and drain spouts, or get caught and cause damage to shingles. Make sure any surrounding trees are in good health, dead trees can cause chaos to not just your roof, but any areas surrounding them as well.

For small repairs, there are many DIY tutorials for problems such as cracked, broken or missing shingles, but we recommend hiring a professional for any repairs. Unless you are experienced in home and roof repair, it is a safer option for both you and your roof!

by Sierra Waldrop