If you are thinking of doing a bathroom remodel, it can be daunting to think of everything a renovation will involve. Important decisions such as: 

  • Choosing what style you want to implement in your new bathroom
  • What materials you would like to use
  • Which professionals you need to hire

One question you might consider is if your city requires you to obtain any sort of building permits before you remodel. Each city differs with its rules and regulations, but if you live in the Oklahoma City area, we have the answers you’re looking for! 

OKC Permits: 

In Oklahoma City, permits are needed when you construct, enlarge, move, alter, repair or demolish any primary or accessory structure . If you have any questions about what that includes, contact the Development Center Plan Review staff at (405)297-2525. 

Although the state of Oklahoma does not require licenses for general contractors, Oklahoma City necessitates all contractors to be licensed with both, Oklahoma City and the State of Oklahoma, in order to work in the city. 

Plumbing, mechanical, sign, driveway, electrical and fire suppression system permits can only be issued to licensed contractors who are registered with Oklahoma City. 

You can find the application checklist for your permit needs here: 

OKC Permits

The Interior remodel submission checklist is found here: 

You can also use the Oklahoma City Citizen Permit Portal. On this site, you can get information on licenses, permits, planning cases, work zone permits and fire burn permits, as well as related inspections. With this portal, you can view information and have questions answered directly from City computer records. https://access.okc.gov/aca/Default.aspx 

Other remodel questions: 

If you have been putting off a remodel, and are wondering if now is the time to go through with it, the answer is yes! It’s important to make your home the place you enjoy being in the most. 

Not to mention, bathrooms are an extremely important part of our everyday lives. They are usually one of the first and last places we spend time in during our day. There are certain signs indicating that it is time to go through with a remodel. These include: 

  • Stained bathtubs 
  • Faded or discolored vinyl flooring 
  • Chipped or loose tiles 
  • Corroded plumbing 
  • Leaky faucets 
  • Dim or broken light fixtures 
  • Leaking shower pans 
  • Mold 
  • Inadequate ventilation

In addition to needed cosmetic changes, many homeowners feel that their bathrooms are no longer functioning well for their family. Some of the common issues include:

  •  Low shower ceiling
  • Cramped walking space 
  • Narrow or low vanities
  • Small toilet area 
  • Lack of storage 
  • Inadequate natural light 

Whether it’s making small changes, or a complete overhaul, now is the time to transform your bathroom.

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