Your roof is a critical component of your home investment. It is the main protection for your home and constructing it with high-quality shingles is a must. 

But how do you know if your shingles are top quality?

The most important difference between higher quality shingles versus lesser quality is the grade and amount of asphalt used in the body of the shingles. The number of layers in a shingle has also plays an important role in its quality.

Check out this guide to understand the ’ins and outs’ of high-quality shingles:

  1. A shingles body is made of an asphalt coating. This is the ‘shield’ of the shingle, providing weight for weather resistance, and waterproofing to protect the home itself. It’s crucial to have a high-grade asphalt layer if you want your roof system to do its job properly and survive the elements for a normal lifespan.
  2. The base material of a shingle is normally an organic felt or fiberglass mat.  This gives a shingle its strength and provides support for the weather-resistant components. Fiberglass mats are gaining popularity as a more durable and lighter weight option and can possibly qualify for a homeowner’s insurance credit.
  3. A laminated shingle provides an extra layer beneath its lower half, making it twice as durable and thick as a regular 3-tab shingle.
  4. The top layer of the shingle is comprised of surface granules that keep UV rays from breaking down the shingle. Without these protective granules, the asphalt would dry out and deteriorate.  

With the wide variety of shingles on the market, a reputable Oklahoma roofing company will have no problem finding a high-quality shingle for your roof. If your roof needs repairs or replacement, don’t be afraid to shoot for higher grade shingles. The return will be well worth the investment.