Skylights are great for allowing natural light and warmth into a room, thereby reducing energy costs. But how durable are skylights? And do you need to perform routine maintenance to help them last?

Fortunately, most skylights are built for longevity, and angled to avoid pooling of water. Rain usually keeps them clean on the outside, but the inside is your job. Cleaning once every couple of months will do the trick and can be achieved with a long handled cleaning tool. Avoid cleaning them with household cleaners, as the chemicals can interfere with the protective film that keeps it strong and free of cracks.

While skylights are built to withstand weather elements, they are not foolproof, and can leak.

If your skylight is older, or has an aluminum or painted steel frame, then you need to check it every so often for wear and tear. A good rule of thumb, is to have your skylight checked when you do your yearly ‘roof health’ inspection. If you roof has damage from weather, then you can bet your skylight may have issues, as well.

If you discover cracks or leaks in your skylight, have a roofing expert determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Leaking skylights can cause water to drain into your walls (causing mold growth) and under your shingles (causing wood rot).

A skylight can be a beautiful, and beneficial feature for your home. Fortunately, they are extremely low-maintenance and durable. Add skylight maintenance to your yearly ‘to do’ list to and you will be able to enjoy their natural light for many years!