A deeply sloping yard can definitely be a challenge. Problems such as: pooling water, difficulty mowing, and inability to use as a ‘family friendly’ space can be frustrating to homeowners. But don’t give up, there is an easy solution, tiers! Well-designed tiers not only create a beautiful yard but can also solve drainage and other issues such as lack of outdoor living area. 

Layering your yard requires a well-thought out design, so you might want to get a professional’s opinion to fully understand the scope of the project. Retaining walls are the best way to break your slope into tiers. There are several types of materials that can be used for retaining walls such as: landscaping timbers, stone, cement and bricks.

Tiers also provide the perfect space for flowerbeds. Arrange taller plants in back and smaller ones in front to give a stair step, picturesque look. If you need privacy you can use an evergreen backdrop that will also add structure to your foliage design. Use your deciduous plants in the front or middle so they are easily accessed for replacement or cleanup and plant a variety so you will have flowering plants year around. 

Functional and beautiful, tiers can be built in different configurations, including a combination of materials for a distinctive look. Small yards also benefit from layering, which can add visual interest to the small space. Fortunately, tiering your yard can accommodate different budgets and is only limited by your imagination. So get creative with your design, and enjoy the advantages that a tiered yard provides.