Craftsman style homes are extremely popular among homeowners. After all, who can resist their unique architecture and historical charm. First appearing in the late 1800’s, this particular style has made a resurgence in the last twenty years. Bungalow homes are part of this style and are known for their abundance of natural light, and wood detailing. Identifiable characteristic of craftsman homes includes:

  • Sturdy, square, tapered pillars
  • Low-pitched gabled roof
  • Wrap-around, or covered porch
  • Single, wide dormer windows
  • Wooden clapboard siding with brick, stone or concrete accents
  • Exposed beams under roof eaves

Window Styles for Craftsman Style Homes

There is a large selection of window styles that will complement Craftsman homes. Deciding which looks best for your particular home will take a little research and time. 

Square: Small, square windows are inviting accents and allow small shafts of light into smaller areas. 

Casement: To accommodate the Craftsman style home, casement windows can be divided with muntins, on the upper half.

Eyebrow: A window with a rounded top and flat bottom can accent rectangular windows or doors.

Multi-pane: Craftsman style homes commonly showcase double-hung windows with muntins dividing the upper sash into four to six sections. The lower sash remains clear to provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Double-hung: A popular window style with loads of character, double-hung windows are functional for style and ventilation.

While all styles can complement Craftsman homes, double Hung windows combined with awning or casement windows, can create beautiful patterns and highlights. However, staying true to the Craftsman theme is easy with the many window options available. Warm frame colors and old style windows will only contribute to the easy character of a Craftsman home.

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