There is no denying the benefit of window casings. Casings are man-made, or wood moldings that go around the window frames and add extra protection from drafty air. However, they serve a decorative purpose as well. 

Window casings are stunning! 

They add a much-needed finishing touch to windows. Molded from plastic, wood or composite materials, casings come in a variety of styles and finishes. The character they add to your home’s design is unmatched, and very economical as well. 

For your home’s exterior, casings can be accompanied by shutters or metal awnings. They can be painted to match the outside trim or for a pop of color, can be painted any vibrant shade your heart desires. 

On the inside, well, the possibilities are endless. From plain, to intricately carved, casings adapt to any style home, whether modern or vintage. Craftsman style homes are known for their thick, high-profile widow casings, lending a home its own brand of charm. More modern homes can benefit from low-profile casings, that lend a simple elegance to any window.  

Kitchens are great for showing off a beautiful window casing. Thick, high-profile casings can surround the entire window, and even act as a pediment above a door. If you are updating your kitchen, newer windows surrounded by eye-catching casings can make a world of difference. After all, kitchens are the heart of the home and what better place to up the ‘charm’ factor. 

If you are considering new windows, or just re-vamping older windows, don’t forget to add a casing or two. Elegance, charm and simplicity can go a long way for a very small investment.