Double down on your entertaining space with an outdoor deck! Outdoor living is in new ‘in’, and a multi-function deck serves that purpose times a thousand. There are so many configuration possibilities that you could design and re-design for days. Throw some amazing landscaping in the mix and you’ve got a backyard the Rockefellers would envy. Let’s go over the TOP TEN REASONS why your home needs a deck:

  1. Decks are awesome! Why have just a plain concrete patio when you can turn your backyard into a multi-level entertainment piazza. 
  1. Decks create the ultimate outdoor cook’s paradise. You can even add a built-in kitchen complete with pizza oven and ice maker.
  1. Levels! Build your deck in levels and you will have a multi-purpose outdoor living room. One level for the grill, one level for the patio set and one level just to get away.
  1. Hike up your privacy factor! Enclose your new deck with a pergola, or built-in cover. Protection from the weather and prying neighbors.
  1. Unleash your inner designer by creating your own deck. Sketch your vision, pick your stain colors, and add the fun stuff (lighting, ceiling fans, furniture, etc., etc., etc.) 
  1. Up your value factor. Most everything you add to your home adds value. Decks, pergolas, upgraded landscaping, lighting – it all adds value to your home. 
  1. You can pick your maintenance plan. Are you a go getter? Then a wood deck is for you, because you won’t mind the yearly maintenance that comes with a deck. Are you more on the lazy side? Then a vinyl deck is more your speed – less maintenance more enjoyment.
  1. A deck can be your escape space. Make your outdoor living area as comfy and cushy as you possibly can. Add a hammock or glider, a couple of pillows and read your book or sip your coffee. You have outdoor space for a reason, enjoy it, life is short.
  1. Have a pool? A custom deck will make it look like it came out of HGTV. Customize lounging space, cooking space or just sitting and dripping space. 
  1. You will feel like a superhero for turning your backyard into your own personal oasis! Your family will love you and your neighbors will envy you. 

By now, you should have a sketch pad in one hand and a phone in the other. Design out your deck ideas, call Home Improvements of America and start building your dream deck!